Sample & Seconds Sale

If you have never shopped samples or seconds with Studio Toujours before, here's a quick rundown of what this means:

What are Samples? Samples are designs that never made it to full production. The most common reason is that the design doesn't fit the overall artistic direction of the collection. Many of these pieces are one-of-a-kind. You'll recognize some familiar styles in the samples section that are the same designs in the current S/S 2022 collection but in different color palettes. Snag these one-off colors of new designs for a discount off the regular retail prices! In some cases, the samples may also be considered seconds and will be noted in the item description.

What are Seconds? Seconds are earrings that didn't quite meet the quality bar of Studio Toujours firsts. Seconds pieces can have slight aesthetic issues on the surface of the clay (bubbles, light scratches, holes drilled off-centered) that are not noticeable when worn. There is nothing wrong with these pieces from a wear-ability perspective and are being offered at a deep discount. The aesthetic flaws of the pieces are noted in each of the listings. You'll notice that some of the designs of the seconds are variations in colors of styles currently available on the site being offered for up to 50% off of the their regular retail prices.